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We offer unparalleled educational programs, strategically designed to help the small business person and entrepreneur gain more specialized knowledge on how to run a successful business in today’s sophisticated and complex international business environment.

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Even Tiger Woods Requires A Coach

No matter what stage of development you are at in your business, a beginner, an intermediate operator, or setting the pace for your industry, Certainty International has a program that can move you rapidly toward greater success and happiness. With ten different programs, we cover a wide spectrum of the education required for the contemporary business professional, whether you work for a large corporation or yourself. Every education program Certainty International offers is a unique experience that simply can’t be found elsewhere. We clear away the clutter and quiet the noise within a crowded seminar industry by positioning each symposium with a distinct purpose.

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For over three decades, Marshall Sylver, the founder of Certainty International, has focused on providing Fortune 500 executives unparalleled training. Now, for the first time, Marshall is launching a grassroots effort and is bringing his high-demand training directly to the small business professional. Certainty International provides attendees countless reasons to attend their educational symposiums. Here are just a few: First, you get to learn real, proven techniques from some of the world’s most successful master mentors. Second, you get to network with the best of the best in business, like-minded and motivated individuals just like yourself. Lastly, you get to experience unrivaled personal growth that will directly create more prosperity, happiness, and health.

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The difference between successful people and those who struggle can be summed up in one word: ACTION. You would not be reading this if you were ready to settle for a lukewarm life. Nobody wants to wake up someday and say, “Why didn’t I?” Wealth, happiness, and health come directly from being in a constant state of growth. And growth comes from education. Certainty International positions you, through its advanced seminar products, to experience growth through many modalities of education. We offer educational lectures from some of the world’s leading authorities. We promote learning though unrivaled mentorship. We advance knowledge through a series of hands-on experiences. Never before has a company designed a more comprehensive curriculum.

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Certainty International isn’t just another one of those seminar companies with some “guru” standing on stage spouting little common-sense tidbits. Nor is it another boring school with a dry, drawn-out academic twist. Certainty International was primarily created to help the small business person and entrepreneur to gain more specialized knowledge on how to run their business(es) smarter rather than harder.

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Don't just take our work for it. Discover what people, just like you, have said about the benefits they've derived from participating in Certainty International events and programs. Learn what the media has said about Marshall Sylver and the programs he has developed.

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For over twenty years, Sylver has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is the author of Passion, Profit, and Power, and through infomercials has sold over a million copies of his personal development programs worldwide.

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