Knowing your WHY keeps you focused

So often our challenges come from not staying on track. Has that ever happened to you? Of course it has! It happens to everyone who doesn’t have a clearly defined WHY. By possessing a clearly defined WHY, you leap straight onto the track to success. You will find that taking ownership of a particular goal will keep you moving in one clear direction.

Knowing your WHY gives you clarity of values

We all live our lives based on a specific set of values, which are simply the rules that guide our decision making. When you have a clearly defined WHY and purpose, your values, gain enormous clarity. Having defined values allows us to identify and connect with people who share those values, enabling us to explore more opportunity. Connecting with people who share our view of the world keeps us on the right path to success.

Knowing your WHY helps you live a life of integrity

Combining greater focus with the clarity of your core set of values helps you live a life with integrity. People who understand who they are, what they stand for, and why they are here tend to be more successful and confident in everything they do. Whether you’re faced with a long-term decision or an in-the-moment one coming from a place of integrity creates confidence and ultimately success.

Knowing your WHY creates greater passion

Passion is a powerful driver of human behavior. When you have passion behind your purpose you become invincible. Just try taking a baby away from a passionate and loving mother! Knowing your WHY and becoming passionate about it will drive you to achieve the extraordinary.

Certainty International

Over the course of 30 years, Certainly International has successfully developed ten life-changing seminars, which are individually designed to create positive change in your life, both personal and business. Combine all ten, and you’ll advance your mindset, skills, and ability to levels beyond your wildest imagination. Starting with Turning Point, our Level 1 product, we set a solid foundation for you, teaching you the power of subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. Unlock the gifts you have been given through our system of training, and learn new, proven techniques that will allow you to exploit the hidden talents within yourself.

If you knew that by beginning NOW your life would greatly improve, would you start TODAY?

Easy answer! Of course you would. We all would. That is the confidence that has driven successful students of Certainty International for over three decades. Countless individuals have taken advantage of what we can offer you and have decided to invest in themselves by taking immediate action to improve their lives. There is no good reason to wait. There are dozens of reason to take action today. Here are just a few.

Taking action today stops the pain

The regret associated with not achieving what you want, a lack of growth and confidence in yourself, and negative self-talk all result in severe mental pain. Taking action on the things that you know will improve your life can remove that pain and put you in a powerful state of awareness that will allow you to move in the right direction

Results begin when you start taking action

Nothing great starts to happen until you take action; sitting still won’t move the needle. Once you make a decision and stop procrastinating, you can start to take steps, even baby steps, and things improve. We have all heard the saying, “Rome was not built in a day,” which of course is true, but the building of Rome did start with a day 1 and progressed from there. Beginning is the start of winning, so begin TODAY!

Taking action helps you overcome fear

Fear can hold you back, push you into a corner you don’t want to ever leave, which is commonly called your comfort zone. Taking action helps you overcome your fears. Every time you do something new, you expand your comfort zone just a bit. And, when you expand your comfort zone, you are more willing to come out of that corner and do things that benefit your life, which helps you overcome even more fears.

Taking action is the first step toward greater confidence

There are things you want in life that will require you to take action. If you freeze, you will get nowhere. It happens to us all. You will ask yourself questions like, “Why can’t I seem to do what needs to be done?” That negative self-speak brings us down. Taking action fixes all of that negative self-speak, and the good news is that it happens immediately. If you are complaining about not trying hard enough in life, or not working well to become all you can be, all you have to do is take action, and you will instantly feel as if you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

Certainty International has been showing people the power of acting NOW for decades.

Our students become action-taking machines with the knowledge and willpower to navigate through life swiftly and decisively. Wouldn’t you love to be the person who has the self-confidence to take immediate action? Our 10-seminar series is simply the best program offered anywhere to help you become that self-confident person you desire to be. It all starts with you making a positive decision to attend our Level 1 seminar, Turning Point. After that, it is, as they say, history. Prove it to yourself, act TODAY!


After you have figured out your WHY and understand the power of taking immediate action, one last question remains: Where do I find the knowledge I am looking for? With so many choices in the world of education, how can I choose the best option for me?

When selecting the proper company, products, and course of action, it is best to evaluate programs on several merits: First, what is the origin of the information? Is it original content or just a reiteration of someone else's material? Second, have the teachings been proven to create results? Third, how long has the company been teaching their systems and processes? Fourth, has the processes that are taught passed the test of time? And, finally, is the knowledge base broad enough to satisfy my newly-found, insatiable appetite for wisdom?

Certainty International scores unparalleled high marks in all categories of education

Certainty International is the high bar that all other educational systems are measured against. Others are still trying to achieve the standards we have set. Each program we offer has been developed by measuring the performance of our students and modifying our practices based on actual results. Thousands of students over three decades have enabled Certainty International to achieve results others can only aspire to. Let us answer the important questions and let you be the judge.

What is the origin of the material, and is it original content?

Marshall Sylver, the founder of Certainty International, developed all the company’s educational materials over 33 years of teaching top business leaders. More importantly, he stays in touch with his students and tracks the top performers so that he can reinforce the techniques they have mastered for the benefit of new students. Tracking student success is a method that Certainty has perfected.

Have the teachings been proven to create results?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Many of Certainty International’s previous students have created success beyond their wildest expectations. We have countless examples of student success, across various industries, from numerous backgrounds, worldwide, that are proof of our techniques, systems, and methods. See our testimonials for specific examples.

How long has the company been teaching its systems?

For over three decades, our systems and processes have been offered to students seeking excellence. Thousands of students have learned to enjoy the benefits of our seminars and training. We pride ourselves on being able to affect the lives of people from all walks of life, people who are seeking personal and professional advancement. There is no personal development method with a longer standing record of excellence than Certainty International. Our record has no rival; it stands as proof that what we teach works, period!

Our name says it all. We are “Certain” that once you engage in our culture, and learn our methods, you too will become all that you can be.

Certainty International looks forward to the opportunity to help you create GREATNESS in yourself and SUCCESS in your life for countless YEARS to come.

Join us TODAY!

You found your why, you know when and know where Get started today...

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